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Florence Scovel Shinn

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Florence Scovel Shinn's

Power of the Spoken Word

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Foreword - Weapons Ye Know Not Of - I Give Unto You Power - Be Strong; Fear Not - The Glory of the Lord - Peace and Prosperity - Your Big Opportunity - In Nothing Be Anxious - Fearlessness - Victory and Fulfillment - Contents -


Peace be within thy walls and Prosperity within thy Palaces." In this statement from the 122nd Psalm we find that peace and prosperity go hand in hand. People who are manifesting the appearance of lack are in a state of fear and confusion. They are not wide-awake to their good and miss leads and opportunities. A peaceful person is a wide-awake person. He sees clearly and acts quickly. He never misses a trick.

I have seen people discordant and unhappy changed completely. I will give an example in order to prove the working of the law. A woman came to me in a state of abject sorrow. She looked the part. Her eyes were blurred from constant weeping. Her face was haggard and drawn. The man she loved had left her and she was certainly the most demagnetized creature I had ever seen. I noticed the shape of her face— large eyes, far apart and a pointed chin. For many years I was an artist and have got into the habit of looking at people from an artist's standpoint. As I looked at this forlorn creature, I thought, her face has the modeling of a Botticelli. I often see Rembrandts, Sir Joshua Reynolds, etc., in people I

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