A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Elizabeth Towne Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Elizabeth Towne's

Just How to
Wake the Solar Plexus
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against” evil, if I know no better way of getting rid of evil than to fight it, then fight I must. But the more I fight the greater the evil will grow.

At last in sheer despair, I may be still and think; when I shall see that non-resistance will conquer where resistance worse than fails.

Do you see yet why this is so? The Solar Plexus is the radiating center of life, the center from which flows the divine energy, love, that can overcome (cause to “come over “) all evil. We can overcome evil with good; we can love our enemies into friends; we can “overcome” them; i. e., cause them to “come over.”

i’lease remember that love is not sentimental gush; it is not a matter of words; but it is a steady radiation of good will from the solar center, and may or may not be expressed in word or deed. But it will be expressed in either word or deed as the need of the “enemy” calls it forth. But whether expressed or not, that steady, silent radiation of Good Will, or Love, will transmute enemies into friends, “evil” into good, just as certainly as the sun rays will make pure that which was impure.

This being true, the one thing necessary is to let the solar center radiate Good Will all the time.

Until we understand and take control of ourselves, every thought that passes through time mind affects the action of the solar plexus. Thoughts that are pleasant to us cause the center to open and radiate Good Will or Love. Every unpleasant thought causes it to contract; thus shutting off the supply of good will, love, life, from the body, brain amid environment.

Non-resistant thought expands the solar plexus; resistant thought contracts it. Now do you see what a good scientist Jesus was?

“And I say unto you that ye resist not evil.” If a man would have you go a mile with him, go two miles willingly;


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