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Elizabeth Towne Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Elizabeth Towne's

Just How to
Wake the Solar Plexus
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Did you ever notice that the sun makes no special effort to destroy that which is not fit to live? The same steady shine which gives life to the growing plant causes fermentation, death and transmutation to everything which is cut off from the source of its life.

As soon as I learned that I am the Sun of God I knew that I need make no special effort to destroy “evil “—the “carnal mind.” 1 saw that I had simply to shine, like Old Sol, and the radiation from me would transmute mind and body and environment for me.

That conception afforded me infinite relief. I saw that all the good I had been so assiduously endeavoring to force into myself was already mine if I would only “let my light shine” to ripen it.

I discovered also that to let my light shine is a matter of choice, not feeling, so I chose to let the light shine out from my solar center and I abandoned myself to that radiation. No more worry for me over “evil” thoughts or acts. I just let the Sun shine upon them.

I discovered that Jesus of Nazareth had a level head. I say unto you that ye resist not evil,” is the very acme of wisdom.

I had pondered often and long upon that injunction of his, without being able to see the philosophy of it, and I could not obey it.

Because I AM GOOD and must, from the compulsion of my own law of being, be forever “set over


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