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Elizabeth Towne Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Elizabeth Towne's

Just How to
Wake the Solar Plexus
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Below is the review from the inside front cover:

—Here is a letter from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, America’s beloved “Poetess of Passion” and newspaper exponent of new thought. Upon receipt of a copy of Solar Plexus book she writes:

“A thousand thanks for the little book. It is just what I want right now to help a friend. I have read it and shall add your exercises to those I have practiced for seven years—ever since I studied with Vivekananda the Hindu Yogi. Last year I added the Chicago teacher’s (Sun-Wor­shiper) exercises. A friend wrote them out for me. I shall try and speak of your little booklet where I can. I am glad to have you use my thoughts always when you will—they are for humanity—I am only a voice. The thoughts are sent to me to give forth. And what a privilege to be able to give them to the world.”

writes in the N, Y. EVENING JOURNAL as follows concerning

“Elizabeth Towne has written a little pamphlet upon Development which you would do well to send for. The price is twenty-five cents, and it contains a fortune in value if you follow some simple rules she gives for gaining control of our higher qualities and driving away the blues, and making ourselves whatever we desire to be.”

Dr. Franz Hartmann, the celebrated German metaphysician, writes of “Just How to Wake the Solar Plexus:” “I was so much pleased with its contents that I regard it worth more than a whole library of books on occultism and metaphysics. I should wish very much to obtain a copy of it and to have it translated into German.”

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