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Privilege of Choice

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"Norma was one of those rare individuals who remained perpetually beautiful. This picture was taken when she was 76 years old. People said that when she was with contemporaries while visiting New York, she looked 20 years younger than her friends who were often younger. I worked with her for years, even co-writing with her, and she always appeared young, vibrant and beautiful without make-up." ~ Avalon de Rossett

Teaching a concept of radical forgiveness as the means to spiritual awakening, Rev. Dr. Sackheim taught thousands of people in South Africa through her ministry. Her story begins in London, where as a young girl she survived the blitz bombings. Her father was a major Jazz afficianodo and Norma was fully trained in ballet and other performing artists. One of the wonderful stories she related was about auditioning for the movie National Velvet. Although the role went to Elizabeth Taylor, Norma's memories of the occasion were filled with humorous anecdotes and delightful details.

With the end of World War 2, Norma married her husband whose family had narrowly escaped being victims of the holocaust. They moved as far away as they could move and still remain within the same time zone, thus making their home in South Africa. While supporting her small but growing family, Mrs. Sackheim became acquainted with the Religious Science School of New Thought and soon she was a practitioner.

Witnessing the permutations of apartheid inspired her to become a Religious Science Minister. She designed and built two homes in Jo'burg. She was an amazing soul filled with life. Rev. Sackheim founded Religious Science South Africa, and had a pulpit ministry in Johanessburg for over 30 years while lecturing internationally as far afield as Lincoln Center in New York City and Alice Tully Hall in California.

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