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Joseph Murphy

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Dynamic Master of Divine Science
(1898 - 1981)

Dr. Joseph Murphy received a superior education in Ireland and England. He spent years researching all the major religions with a particular dedication to Eastern Religions which led him to a deep understanding of the truth that all religions are simply varying descriptions of the same power and that "The Power is Within You!" His studies eventually led him to Divine Science and he became Divine Science's major proponent till his death in 1981.
Murphy was the Spiritual Leader the Los Angeles Church of Divine Science for 28 years. His Sunday talks had an average attendance of 1500 people. Murphy also had an immensely popular daily radio program. In 1976, he moved to Laguna Hills, where he continued his ministry until his transition in 1981.

Murphy stood by the principle that we can understand a person best by their works insisting that people understand him through his books. He wrote over 30 books including:

The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind
Secrets of the I-Ching,
The Miracle of Mind Dynamics,
Your Infinite Power to Be Rich
and The Cosmic Power Within You

(Many of these texts are no longer available as we were previously linking to a site called Northwoods Divine Science Resource Center but it has gone down recently, sorry for the inconvenience)

His work is so powerful that newer writers are capitalizing on it by rewriting it. You will find new electronic editions floating around on the web, having been rewritten by a number of writers.


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