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Gardner Hunting's:

Working With God
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Real or Counterfeit

It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about all this. The relation between God and me is purely individual. I need no intermediary, and if I don't, surely God does not. Shall I follow any teacher? Yes, one; Jesus Christ. No other. Get light from every one and any one who has light for you. God sends His messages through many channels. But do not call yourself a disciple of any human being--nor be one. Do not depend on other human beings. Depend on the Christ within yourself.

Yes, it is quite true that what other people think often affects me greatly, if I do not have a care. People laugh at me for believing as I do. They sneer. They think I am a pretender, a fraud, because they cannot see what I see. Because they cannot see what I see, they conclude that it isn't there.

Other people have religious, philosophic, scientific faiths of their own, and they think I must be wrong because I do not think as they do. How should that affect me? Not at all--except to warn me not to get to thinking I am the only one who is right.

I see people prospering while to me they appear to be doing anything but right. Others who seem to be saints have neither health nor wealth nor




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