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Questions & Answers on the Science of Mind
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Question—By what evidence shall we KNOW that we REALLY DO contact Universal Mind—that is, the highest point of the subjective mind touching the lowest point of the Infinite? Does it bring any physical sensation?

ANSWER-A physical sensation is not necessary to the demonstrating of Truth. No more than a physical sensation is necessary to the knowledge that two and two make four.
We know that we know, when we can no longer ask the question as to whether or not we do know.
The subjective mind is the medium between the Absolute and the relative and the tendency of the subjective mind decides what is to happen to us. All mental healing is to clarify the mind within and without and cause it to be receptive to that Life which is already perfect. However, there is a definite sense of completion when a good treatment is given.

Question—If only I could overcome a feeling of resentment which takes possession of me. I live in an atmosphere of constant criticism and intolerance. For a while I can smile through it all and then, all of a sudden, it seems so unjust I can't stand any more and the negative emotions take possession of me.

ANSWER—Those with whom you live may have permitted these unlovely habits to fasten themselves on them and to color their action, but if you would be unaffected by this atmosphere you must transcend it. Do not even be affected (page 103) to the point of seeing the necessity to "smile through it all." Consciously smiling through that which you subconsciously concede to be a trying circumstance is fostering conflict. It is like clamping the lid on danger. Blowing the lid off is the natural consequence. Enduring what cannot cure is not the way to demonstrate. Behind everything there is only the ONE. Resolve the whole discordant situation into that and proceed to get the right reaction. No one can possibly hurt you if you yourself refuse to be hurt. Reveal the Truth to yourself—that there is no discord—no inharmony—no misunderstanding here—that which is the Truth must be perfect. Our method is transcending conditions and to know that there is only the One Mind and that there is no misunderstanding, no resistance, no resentment in the One Mind. Thus can all belief in separation be neutralized and to the degree that you do this to that degree will you be free from all sense of criticism and intolerance. Peace always neutralizes discord. Treat for peace and poise and try and sense that Love unifies with reality and finds itself to be One. LOVE MORE and look to your own reactions. When you can honestly say, "None of these things move me" you will have freed yourself from the entire plane of antagonism. Be ever alert and awake and declare daily that, "My word dissolves all discord and resentment. I am conscious of only that which is peaceful and harmonious. The pathway of peace is everlasting enfoldment."

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