New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

Y - "Ye are Christ's and Christ is God's" ~ your true self-hood

"Ye are Christ's and Christ is God's": Christ means the Divine Sonship, and the Divine Sonship means God in man. (See also Christ.)

"Ye ask and receive not because ye ask amiss": By ask amiss Jesus refers to asking contrary to the Divine Nature. For example, We cannot ask love to become hate; we cannot ask life to *come death; we cannot ask harmony to destroy; who takes up the sword will perish by it; etc.

"Yea, yea; nay, nays" Acceptance of the Truth and denial of its opposite.

"Ye cannot serve God and mammon": As it is impossible to walk two ways at once, so it is impossible to believe in both good and 'evil without becoming confused.

Yoga: The practice bf meditation and study to bring the individual life into' a conscious unity with the Center of Life —God. Yoga is a conscious union with the Supreme Source of Being. There are several Paths of Yoga, as taught by the eastern philosophies. The Path of Attainment is divided into three Paths: (1) Raja Yoga, the will, mental. (2) Karma Yoga, work and action. (3) Guani Yoga, wisdom. Also there is Hatha Yoga, the Yoga of physical well-being; and Bhakti Yoga, or the Path of Devotion, the Path of Religion.

you are God: The litfe in, of, and around man is One Life. The indivisible Linity of all life. The Divine exists everywhere, therefore, at the center of man's being.

your Real Self is not; evil: The True Self is neither sick nor sinful, nor can it become destroyed. To declare this Truth about the self is scientific mental practice.

"Your sins have hid His face from you": We do not see the face of Reality through confusion, negation, evil, etc.

your true self-hood: Christ, the Mind of God, or the Divine Presence within you. Your individualization of the Spirit, which represents' a separate, but not separated, unique presentation of the Creative Whole.


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