New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

V - Vedas ~ visualization

Vedas: Sacred books of India, of ancient Truth and Wisdom.

"Vengeance is mine saith the Lord": Refers to the Law of Cause and Effect.

vibration: Oscillating waves in ether. Everything that exists is Original Substance, or ether, in different rates of vibration. The world that seems so solid, so static, is a dynamo of activity, forever changing every second of time. No particle of man's body is the same from one moment to another. Each stands in the center of a moving, vibrating world, and the rate of the vibration depends upon the person. The higher and finer vibrations are the results of harmonious, joyous thought. The heavier and harsher vibrations occur when one is out of tune with the One Indwelling Presence that holds each in His true note of harmony. Man radiates what he will out into the ethers through the vibrational forces of his being. His very thought extends to the outermost reaches of the universe through this Law of Vibration. (See also etheric vibrations.)

virgins, the wise and foolish: Refers to the wise or foolish use of the Power within us. The wise virgins represent those who are conscious that the Presence of Spirit and the Power of Life is within them. The foolish virgins represent those who have exhausted their objective energies and do not realize the spring of life welling up in their own soul, and therefore believe that they must live by external aid.

visible and Invisible: Refers to the realm of Mind and Spirit, which is the Invisible Cause, and the realm of form, which is an effect. (See also "Invisible things... ")

visualization: To make a mental picture, which facilitates realization. To picture a thing clearly, specifically, through the power of the imagination, in order to create through thought. (See also Tool of Visualization.)


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