New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

U - unassailable Truth ~ unwavering mind

unassailable Truth: In such degree as thought functions from the consciousness of an absolute unity of good, there is no possibility of its being interfered with.

unbelief is our acceptance: Since unbelief is a mental attitude, even though a negative one, and since the Creative Law must react to our thought exactly as we think it, even unbelief uses the Law of Cause and Effect creatively.

unconscious attempt at self-destruction: (psychological) Unconscious mental impulsion to get away from reality through a flight into fantasy, as in alcoholism, drug addiction, extreme cases of day dreaming, etc.

unconscious, flights into the: (psychological) Refers to any form of turning from the realities of life into a world of illusion.

unconscious thought: Refers to the subjective processes of thought with which we are not consciously familiar. (See also subconscious does.)

uncovering error: Revealing the false mental position.

understanding and belief: The difference between believing and hoping; the actual knowing that a definite law of cause and effect operates upon our word.

understanding God at the level of our own consciousness: We understand love only as we embody it. The only meaning that life can have to us is the meaning that it has in and through us. This is why it is necessary, in giving mental treatments, that we believe our own words, that we understand them, appreciate their meaning, and inwardly feel the presence of what these words suggest.

understanding of the Absolute is our relative: Since consciousness is always automatically reflecting itself into conditions, conditions are always revealing the nature of our states of consciousness.

understand the truth—God heals when we do: Just as electric energy becomes a light when properly understood and used, so there is a spiritual law which, believed in, understood, and used, automatically heals.

unifying with God: The mental reaction of the Oneness of all Life.

unity: The Oneness of all life. Man's inseparable union with nature, with the Christ Mind, and with God. (See also multiplicity. )

unity necessitates ultimate harmon:y Unity means One, Indivisible, Whole, Complete, Perfect, hence adjustment of apparent parts to the whole, and the whole to apparent parts in harmony. (See also harmony.)

universal idea: That which must be so. In the final analysis, that which reason compels us to accept.

Universal Intelligence: An aspect of Universal Mind, which denotes responsiveness. This is the principle involved in all mental and spiritual healing—the intelligent response of the atoms in the physical structure; also the Intelligence of the Creative Law that knows how to bring harmony into manifestation.

Universal Mind: Spirit, God, the Absolute. (See also subjective mind, our: as a.)

Universal Presence: The Spirit manifesting in and through everything; the Creative Intelligence responding to us from everything; Omnipresence.

Universal Principles: All laws of nature are universal, evenly distributed, and ever present.

(the) Universal must become the individual in order to be individualized: Life can work for us only by working through us in the act of Itself becoming the thing It does.

Universe as a dual unity consists of an active and a passive principle: This does not imply duality but emphasizes the necessity that there shall be an active principle consciously at work and a receptive Law obeying its consciousness.

Universe as a spiritual and mental system: The entire universe consists of pure, absolute Intelligence, Consciousness, and Self-Awareness. This is what constitutes the spiritual universe. Spiritual awareness produces mechanical law which is the Law of Mind in action. This is the mental universe. All creation is a result of the spiritual operating upon or through the mental as Idea. Man is a spiritual, mental being, reproducing this whole cosmic order in his own life. (See also spiritual universe; our universe.)

Universe as the meditation of God: The visible universe is an effect of the Divine Creative Imagination.

Universe is not divided against itself: Since the Spirit is One, an undivided and indivisible unity, then the Law of Spirit likewise is a unity. This Unity delivers Its power only on terms of Its own nature, which nature It never contradicts. There cannot be two ultimates, else one would neutralize the other and we should have chaos instead of cosmos.

Universe, true perspective of: There is no material universe, if by material we mean a universe opposed to, other than, or different from a spiritual universe.

Un-Nameable One: The everlasing Reality from which all things come; the Fountain of all things and the Root of all things.

unwavering mind: A mind that does not move from the sub- ject taken for meditation. One-pointed, steady, firm.


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