New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

O - obedience to the Divine Law ~ Over-Soul

obedience to the Divine Law: Conscious union and cooperation with the Divine Nature that is Goodness, Truth, Beauty, etc.

objective: Expression outwardly, or in a positive manner, as opposed to subjective, or introversion. Outward form.

objective metapsychics: Raps, levitation, apparitions, etc.

objective plane: The outer world of expression and experience.

objective world: The world of conditions.

objective world as cinema pictures: A term used by certain groups to express the idea that the entire visible universe is a moving picture of subjective thoughts which project it.

oblation: In church ritual the act of offering to God the Eucharistic elements (bread and wine), in token of devotion and sacrifice. In metaphysics oblation means to sacrifice the self to the Self—that is, the human frailties of anger, dishonesty, criticism, dislike, etc., are laid on the altar of Divine Love as a sacrifice to the God-Self, that the human self may be merged completely with the Divine.

oblivion through self destruction: (psychological) Unconscious desire to flee from Reality, as in alcoholic or drug addiction.

obsession: To come under the influence of persons, ideas, fears, etc. (psychological) The presence of an irresistible idea. (psych. res.) The control of a person through a discarnate personality.

obstetrics, spiritual: Conscious realization that physical birth is the self-recognition of Spirit breathing Itself into form.

octave: The term is founded on the number eight, as in the musical scale. The eighth note is a repetition of the first, but in a higher sequence, or octave. Thus the end of one series of musical sounds is the beginning of another. The term is used in spiritual teaching, in that Life is a continual unfoldment, that which develops being dependent upon that which has gone before.

"of the earth earthy:" Refers to any state of consciousness based upon a merely material conception.

ointment: Symbolizes Divine Love or the Divine Nature.

old age: Arises from the belief that there is a beginning and an end of Reality. As a matter of fact, the experiences of tomorrow are not yet born, hence every day marks a perennial dawn, an everlasting here and an eternal now.

Om: (Awm) The most holy word of the Vedas. A symbolic word meaning the Supreme Being, the Divine, or Deity. The Logos. Sound. The Word. Bliss Absolute. Signifies that "which has been, that which is, and that which is to be."

omega: The last letter of the Greek alphabet. Symbolizes the end.

Omnipotence—Omnipresence--Omniscience: Spirit is All Power, All Presence, and All Wisdom.

omnipotent in power, omniscient in wisdom, omnipresent in being: Since the Infinite is an indivisible Unity, Its entire nature is always at the point of our attention.

Omnipotence within me: The Power of the Absolute at the center of my own being.

Omnipresence within me The Presence of God, Spirit, Reality, at the center of my own being. "The Highest God and the innermost God is One God."

Omniscience in me: The All-Knowing Mind at the center of my own being.

Once-Born: The First Birth is the awakening of the consciousness to its natural environment with a sense of isolation and separateness; anything that designates purely physical or material; anything that designates merely mental, lacking the consciousness of eternal Goodness or Divine Union.

One Body, One Spirit, One Mind: Spiritually we are one with God as Absolute Intelligence. Mentally there is one Law of Mind which we all use, and physically all manifest forms are but different rates of vibration of one fundamental stuff.

One Mental Law: Since there is but One Mind, there is but one Law of Mind. We each individualize this Law, thus each becomes a law unto himself in the One Law.

One Mind for all people: There is but One Mind which each one individualizes.

Oneness can produce multiplicity but not duality: Duality supposes opposing fundamental principles. One principle, however, can produce innumerable forms, personalities, etc., without in any way denying its unity.

oneness with Spirit makes our thought creative: Our thought is not creative because we either will or wish it to be so; rather it is creative because this is its nature.

one place, one time, one Substance, one Spirit, and one Law: This realization should be carefully considered in every treatment in order to bring the effect of the treatment into the immediate experience.

One Presence: There is but One Universe, One Creative Spirit, One Life Principle, in, around, and through everything. This One is also the Presence within man—the True Self.

One Unit, many manifestations: Just as mathematics has one final unit with countless expressions, so there is but One Mind Principle in the universe with innumerable expressions.

Only-Begotten Son: A son begotten of the Only Father. (See also Beloved Son; Father and.)

only One Body: The entire manifest universe is the body of God; as there is One Mind, there is One Body; this Body is perfect.

only One Mind: The mind which we use in giving treatment, or in thinking at any time, is the Mind of God in us.

only those who recognize spiritual power can have conscious use of it: Even though all people already are endowed with spiritual power, one must consciously believe in and use it if one hopes to get definite results.

ontogeny: The life history or development of an individual.

ontology: The science of being, or reality. The branch of metaphysics that investigates nature; essential properties and relation of being as such. The doctrine of the universal and necessary characteristics of all existence.

opposites, the pairs of: The principle of duality, or two opposing forces, as light and darkness, heat and cold, male and female, positive and negative, etc. These principles are found in most ancient religions, as well as in the Christian. However, the term does not necessarily mean conflict, but rather balancing forces. They are really the two ends of a pole. On the physical plane, often referred to as "the shadow world," or the "world of illusion," man swings between these pairs of opposites—joy and despair, sickness and health, etc. As he becomes illumined, and rises in his thought to the plane of Reality, at the apex of the triangle, as it is symbolized, he sees the pairs of opposites in their true light as one—the two ends of the base of the triangle.

oral character: One characterized by the conspicuous residua of the stage of psychological development in which the child's attitude toward the world is determined by his wish to take in through the mouth, and to destroy with his mouth anything that resists his demands.

"Or ever the silver cord be loosed": Refers to a complete psychic severance from the physical body. When the silver, or psychic cord is loosed, then there is complete separation; physical disintegration sets in because the spirit is freed from the body.

organs and functions as spiritual ideas: All organs and functions of the body are ideas and manifestations of spiritual perfection. There is no organ or function separate from the idea.

original sin: The state of ignorance which exists in mind be- fore it discovers its true relationship to the universe.

Originating Spirit: The Eternal Reality back of all forms of Life. That which has brought everything that exists into being. The Absolute.

origin of evil: Evil has no origin, for if it did, the universe would be divided against itself, and the discovery of truth would produce bondage. There never was a time when two and two made five.

"Our bloated nothingness": Any and all mental concepts which confuse effects with causes.

our Redeemer: Right ideas definitely stated and completely believed in. (See also Redeemer.)

our salvation: Definite, conscious, and active knowledge that right ideas heal, change conditions, etc.
(See also salvation.)

our universe as our meditation: The reproduction of the cosmos in the individual life.

our within lies open to the Infinite: Since there is but One Mind which we use, it follows that there is a place within each one of us which merges with the Infinite. The Over-Soul, Over-Self, or Christ Principle within us is a direct and unique impartation of the Universal Spirit through us. There is a place within us which knows the answer to every problem, knows how to meet every situation; it is boundless, free, and perfect.

outlining in treatment: Not to be confused with choice. Outlining means definitely determining just how a demonstration shall be made. We do not outline, but we do choose.

outward correspondent of inner realization: Conditions are like images reflected in a mirror; mind is the mirror, thought is the image, condition is the reflection.

over all, in all, and through all: The one creative Principle permeating everything as Mind, as Substance, and as form.

overcoming evil with good: Bringing the light of truth to bear upon the belief in, or the experience of, evil.

Over-Self: The Spirit of God, which is also individualized as the spirit of man.

Over-Soul: Refers to the Universal Mind, or the Universal Spirit.


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