New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

J - Jachin ~ judgment of God's Law

Jachin: One of the two great pillars that stood at the entrance of the Temple of Solomon, referred to in the Bible and in other sacred writings. Jachin symbolizes the impersonal element of the Universe—the Law, the Great Universal Power. Unity. One. (See also Boaz.)

Jacob's ladder: Symbolizes the upward pathway of the soul. The ascending angels represent an uplifted consciousness; the descending angels represent intuition.

Jacob wrestling with the angel: Symbolizes the problem of existence and man's relationship to God, which must finally be met in every person's individual consciousness.

Jesus as a revelation of the will of God: The life and teaching of Jesus illustrate the nature of Reality as Love, Wisdom, and Law. The Divine Nature and the Divine Will are One.
(See also the mind that was in Jesus Christ.)

Jesus Christ as Saviour: This does not refer to Jesus Christ as a person, but to the Christ Principle in all people, which Jesus revealed. It refers to accepting his method and using it in our own personal lives.

Jesus washing the feet of the disciples: The Law serves us when we first obey Its nature.

journey of the soul: Refers to the theory that man's soul emanates from Perfection and travels on the road of experience in order that it may return to Perfection, individualized. Symbolized by the story of the Prodigal Son

"Judge not according to appearances": Since Absolute Spirit acting as immutable Law is the only causation, we are not to take our patterns of thought from any manifested form.

"Judge not that ye be not judged": The same law by which we judge others, completing its cycle, judges us accordingly.

judgment and justice: Refers to the law of compensation, or cause and effect.

judgment of God's Law: The Law of Cause and Effect working. (See also "I judge no man.")


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