New Thought Terms And Their Meanings
by Ernest Holmes - 1942

G - Garden of Eden ~ guru

Garden of Eden: Refers to the garden of the soul. (See also serpent in.)

Generic Law: The principle that everything is created according to its type or species, or class. The seed atom that makes anything what it is and not something else, be it man or flower or animal. The generic law deals with groups rather than individuals.

"Get thee behind me, satan": Let all thoughts of fear, doubt, uncertainty, and evil depart from me.

"Give and to you shall be given": Refers to the Law of Cause and Effect as immutable and mathematical.

giving and receiving: (law of) This is the principle of the Divine Circuit of Life. Life flows out from the Absolute, through man, or form—and returns to its Source. When man tries to hold his good, he blocks his channel for receiving more good. Those who give of themselves the most, receive the most, unless they block the circuit again in the attitude that they wish only to give. In this case they are apt to impoverish themselves. Life is a giving of Itself in abundance. Nature gives of herself freely, for the sheer joy of expression. The bird pours forth its song as its expression of life. The rose exhales its fragrance, and all who pass may enjoy it. The important point is to give as an expression of abundant living, not with the idea of getting back in full measure. The Divine Circuit takes care of the return, and man needs only to be receptive to his good.

giving is not complete without receiving: Even though the gift of life is made, its circuit is not complete until we have received it. Hence, "to as many as believed gave He the Power."

God Deity: The Supreme Being, the Absolute, Eternal, Infinite. Spirit, Reality, or Truth in its absolute sense. (See also consciousness and God are identical; in God; knowing God, knowledge of,- my consciousness; personalness; pleasing.)

God and Man—difference is in degree and not in essence: Since there is but One Life, the Life of man is God in man as man. The difference is not in the nature of this Reality but in the amount of It which flows through consciousness. (See also difference; Perfection.)

God and the manifestation of God as person must be One: If Reality were separate from us, then we could never recognize anything. But because Reality is within us, we recognize other things which also are within Reality.

God appears through idea: Spirit being infinite Mind, Its activity consists of limitless idea. It is only through the manifestation of idea that we become conscious that Spirit is Mind.

God as a Living Presence: The dynamic presence of the Universal Spirit, permeating everything and forever making Itself known.

God as Life: Spirit is the very essence, the very livingness of everything; the animating Principle in everything which makes everything what it is.

God as Love: The entire nature of the Divine Spirit is to forever give Itself to Its creation.

God as self-active Spirit: Spirit is both impulsion and energy; It is at the same time designer and designed. There is no outside to Spirit. All inspiration derives within it. It is in us, therefore the ability to live or to express life is not something derived from an external source, but is already inherent within our own natures.

God bless you: The recognition of the Divine Presence as protection, guidance, and peace. Therefore to bless a thing is to protect it.

God-Conscious(ness) See becoming God-conscious; center of God-Consciousness; God is our; man as a center.

God, Grace of: Symbolizes the higher nature, which raises the lower into a consciousness of God.

God in me: The Originating Creative Principle is at the center of my life. (See also "My Lord.")

God Incarnate: The Presence of God in man as man.

God in the still small voice: All processes of nature are quiet. The unfolding rosebud silently proclaims a dynamic power expressing the beauty inherent in Reality.

God in us knowing Himself: Since there is but One Mind, that Mind in us is God in us. It can be nothing else. And since this Mind can know nothing outside Itself, the operation of this Mind through us as thought is the announcement of the Infinite to Itself. This is why thought is creative. Not by willing, wishing, coercing, or concentrating, but merely because it is its nature to be creative.

God is an impartial giver: The Infinite has no preferences; It is both impartial and impersonal, giving alike to each and to all. Thus it is written that to as many as received, gave He the power.

"God is not a God of the dead, but of the living": The Principle of Life can never conceive death; that which has real self-conscious life lives forever.

God is our very self: Since there is only One Mind, Spirit, or Life Principle from which anything can be formed, then there is but one final Self personified in innumerable centers within this Self. Every man is a center of God-Consciousness. There is One Self back of all people.

God is Spirit: God is the Eternal Presence within, around, and through everything. They that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth—that is, in accord with the Truth about His nature.

God no respecter of persons: Just as the Infinite knows neither big nor little, It knows neither good, better, nor best. There can be no Infinite Intelligence which recognizes one person as having more merit than another.

God-Self, the: The Real Spirit Divine; the Christ in us. The reality of every man is God; man is an individualized center of this indivisible God Consciousness.

God's Ideas, omnipresence of: All qualities of Spirit are ever present; Truth and Beauty exist everywhere, and wherever recognized immediately spring into manifestation.

God's Kingdom a government of law: There are laws in the mental and spiritual world which govern all actions and all reactions, just as they do in the physical. The mental and spiritual is but a reproduction of the physical on a higher level.

God's Presence: Like the ethers of physics, the Spirit of God is in everything, through everything, and around everything; since Spirit is the very essence of intelligence, there is a mind quality in everything which responds to our recognition of It.

God the Healer: The recognition that it is not personal willpower, mental suggestion, or persuasion, but the Divine Creative Principle acting with mathematical accuracy.

God—"The highest God and the innermost God is One God": Since there is but One Life Essence, the spiritual Intelligence within us is the same Intelligence within all things, and the same Intelligence that governs everything.

God the Knower—the act of knowing and the thing known: Spirit is Cause, medium, and effect; essence, law, and order; involution and evolution; unmanifest mechanical processes and manifestation.

God the Knower and God the known: Image and reflection are but two ends of the same thing.

God within us: This does not mean that God is located in or limited to our within, but that since the Divine Mind is omnipresent, It must be in, as well as around, us. Hence, it is written that "The highest God and the innermost God is One God."

God works for us through us: As any energy must take the form of the instrument through which it flows, so Spiritual Power, to be effective in our experience, must first operate through our mental acceptance.

God's work shop: The Mind, which uses tools of thought.

Good: The Reality, of which evil is but an apparent and transitory opposite.

good, actively conscious of: It is not enough merely to say that good is. This is passive consciousness. Such statements should be followed by declaring that "this good is operating in my experience now."

good, destroying evil with a consciousness of: As light dissipates darkness; as a change of temperature melts the solid form of water, which is ice; so a consciousness of Good dissipates not only the consciousness of evil, but its manifestation.

good, immediate availability of: Since the laws of the universe never change, and since the Divine is forever present, then good is where we see it.

good will endure, evil must perish by its own self-destruction: Suffering and punishment inevitably follow the wrong use of the Laws of Life, whether this wrong use is done in ignorance or with malicious intent. The universe is just, because it is always in perfect equilibrium.

Gospel—"The God-Spell": The good news of the Kingdom of Heaven; the proclamation of the Omnipresence of Good.

"Government (the) shall be upon his shoulders": The Law of Mind is self-executing; the universe is self-existent.

group behavior: (psychological) The activiities of a collection of individuals treated as a whole.

growth, false: A wrong arrangement of cell life in the physical body. Translated into terms of mind, the Spirit never misplaces anything. The Truth of Being is harmonious as well as representative of the Divine Harmony, which is always in perfect arrangement, etc. (See also false growth.)

growth in understanding: An ever-increasing realization of the Spiritual Universe and of our union with It and with Its laws.

Growth, Law of: That principle which contains everything necessary to the fulfillment of any idea which has been placed in the creative soil of Mind. As the seed, placed in the ground, must have a definite period of time for the development of the life germ into the perfect plant, so does the Law of Growth require time for the fulfillment of an idea. Man drops an idea into Mind and then remains faithful to it until the Law of Growth delivers to him the manifestation of his idea in form.

guilt, neurotic: (psychological) Morbid subjective (subconscious) condemnation of the self arising out of a subconscious conviction that the desires for self-expression are sinful. This conviction is a result of childhood frustrations and is not to be confused with the normal feeling of the contrition in regard to actual faults consciously recognized.

guilt, unconscious sense of: (psychological) Subjective condemnation arising out of a false or true idea of conscience attended by the repressive thought of the race.

guru: A spiritual teacher. An Indian term meaning, literally, "a dispeller of darkness."


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