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A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Healing Letters
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To Married People

It is truly wonderful to have children and to be truly awake in caring for them, that they may grow up in health and poise and the assurance that they are God's and that all things needful come through them and to them.

The first five to six years of an individual's life are very important, and to keep him healthy and happy and busy with suitable entertainment and work during that period means everything. He is truly laying his foundation and preparing his many faculties for other activities that are to follow.

Grownups and their children can do without homes of their own, without good furniture, without cars, without many of the luxuries that have grown to be everyday habits with many. But all of them, large or small, need time for quiet and for well-planned meals and for attention to the little things (little in themselves, but necessary to health). Daily study with Unity helps to gain the understanding and faith that make these things possible.

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