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Myrtle Fillmore's :

Healing Letters
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of our old conceptions of God and of ourselves and of life here and "hereafter." We find that spiritual unity and love and expression are eternal. We cease to grieve when a dear one has gone from our sense sight and human surroundings. We enter into the inner place of light and peace, and know that the Father is helping that one to do what his soul requires--just as He is ever helping us.

Your hearing your dear one's voice in the night may have been the result of your subconscious yearning and desire to hear him and to know he was near. Or it may have been his soul's desire and effort to reach your consciousness and comfort you. The soul is consciousness, and those who are spiritually awake can direct their thinking and reach those who are near to them. His thoughts of love could reach you during the stillness of your intellect and your faculties could register the thoughts and report them to the intellect; and you felt that you actually heard the voice. This will make you to know that hearing is mental and that the ears are but instruments to catch and radiate the things heard to the various parts of the body consciousness.

It was not necessary for you to answer. Your dear one felt your response. It is not wise to cling to those who have gone from the body. It

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