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Healing Letters
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No Incurable Disease

There is no such thing as a "disease" or incurable condition. These activities, weaknesses, or abnormalities to which the medical profession gives name are but the efforts of the God-given inner intelligence to deal with conditions that the individual has produced by his failure to understand the Truth and to recognize himself as the perfect child of God, and to live by the divine law of life. Anything that does not measure up to the Christ pattern of perfection can be changed. Anything that the ideas of God-Mind, expressing in the mind of man, have not produced can be dissolved into the original nothingness by the understanding application of the power of spiritual thought and the resultant spiritual action.

Doctors, of course, judge by appearances, founding their opinions upon the study of effects, and drawing their conclusions from the outworking of mistakes the patients have made.

No one who has awakened spiritually and is seeing his threefold being in the light of Truth would speak of disease as something of itself.

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