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Myrtle Fillmore

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Although Myrtle Fillmore passed to the invisible side of life on October 6, 1931, the memories of her loving presence are still felt by all who knew and worked with her. She was a friend of those who needed her friendship. She was a counselor to those who sought her advice. She was a teacher to those who wanted to learn the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Works include:

Healing Letters
How To Let God

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She prayed with and for those who desired help. Many who sought her prayer blessings brought forth renewed bodies. Prosperity and success were gained by others who had faith in her teachings pertaining to the practical application of Truth. And there were those who found that prayer brought forth for them a new rightness as they lived and worked with others.

Myrtle Fillmore proved the Christ Truth in her own life and affairs. The healing, prospering, and harmonizing ideas of Divine Mind moved through her consciousness and inaugurated a glorious, unifying ministry of love. Today, through Unity School of Christianity with its periodicals, books, and booklets, and the many Unity centers throughout the world, this ministry continues and serves all who seek its inspiring and practical help.

The only book as such that Myrtle Fillmore wrote was Wee Wisdom's Way, which was an expression of her love for children and her interest in helping them understand God's wonderful Truth. Her desire to bless children with rich spiritual ideas flowered into Wee Wisdom, America's oldest magazine for chil¬dren, of which she was editor for many years. Mrs. Fillmore seemed to stay in the background when it came to writing books, since her husband, Charles Fillmore, had such a great leaning in that direction of expressing Truth. However, she carried on a rich ministry through her healing and prayer letters. In 1936, Unity School published a book* composed of extracts from her letters, compiled by Frances W. Foulks.

The material used in this, her third book, came from three general sources. First, Myrtle Fillmore's letters were carefully searched and from them the finest expressions of her spiritual consciousness were taken. Second, a survey was made of the early Unity literature, from which were extracted many spiritually practical suggestions in columns written by her. Third, a sealed envelope was opened recently in which were found lectures that Mrs. Fillmore delivered in Chicago during the summer of 1890. (The chapters dealing with the basic principles of Truth came from these lesson-lectures.)

This book has been lovingly prepared with a two-fold purpose. It is designed to bring Unity readers and students everywhere the inspired thoughts of Myrtle Fillmore. In these writings she talks personally to all who seek the Jesus Christ Truth. She speaks as a friend to each reader. Also, this material is presented as a textbook so that a student may, if he chooses, study systematically the Unity teachings.

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were the co­founders of Unity. Today, that which they started in faith is blessing the whole world. It is the prayer of Unity School that the wealth of spiritual thoughts which radiated from "Mama Myrtle" (her co-workers often called her lovingly by this name) and blessed so many in the past will once again heal the sick, supply the poor, and bring peace and harmony to humankind.

—Warren Meyer 1956

*Letters of Myrtle Fillmore, now called Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

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