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A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Revealing Word
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A Dictionary of metaphysical terms

the destruction of limited and inferior thoughts and forms of life, other and higher thoughts and forms take their place, and the change is actually a blessing in the end. So even the "wrath" that comes to our fleshly tabernacles, when we persist in holding them in material thought, is ultimately a blessing. When we are loving and nonresistant we do not suffer under the transformations that go on when the Mosaic law is being carried out. The "wrath of God" is really the working out of the law of Being for the individual who does not conform to the law but thinks and acts in opposition to it.


Yahweh--The original Hebrew form of Jehovah. It means "the self-existent one" who reveals Himself to His creation and through His creation.

Yahweh revealed Himself to Jesus as the Father within; Yahweh revealed himself to Moses as "I AM THAT I AM" (Exod. 3:14).

years--The measure of passing events. They constitute what we call time. But man's bodily condition depends on his state of mind. No two persons the same age are in exactly the same bodily condition. This shows that years do not make man young or old. "For as he thinketh within himself, so is he" (Prov. 23:7).

youth--The natural estate of all men. The bouyancy and joy of youth should be cultivated enthusiastically as the years advance. Deep in the subconscious mind is the God idea of eternal youth. It may have become dormant and needs to be awakened. Deny the belief in feebleness as the foolish fallacy of the race mind. Affirm and express the wondrous dynamic life of God and you will remain forever young

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