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Revealing Word
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A Dictionary of metaphysical terms

of man. In the Bible every name stands for an idea and has a meaning that gives a due to the symbol.

A symbol loses its usefulness when man clings to it as the reality and fails to see the Truth that it represents.

synagogue--Represents an aggregation of religious ideas based on Truth, thoughts that have not yet received the inspiration of the whole Truth. A synagogue also represents a fixed religious state of consciousness.

A Jewish synagogue was a little chapel, where anyone could hear the law read out of the Hebrew Scriptures; or if he was a rabbi he could read out of the law himself. A constant stream of people came and went in the synagogue, and it fifty represents the mind of man, or a phase of man's mind that is given over to religious thought. In the new birth, or regeneration, the rebuilding of man's consciousness begins in this synagogue or religious mentality.

The synagogue of Acts 17:1, 2 in which Paul "for three Sabbath days reasoned with them from the scriptures," is the established religious thought bred in us by tradition, education, and inheritance.


tabernacle--Represents the temporal body of man, as the Temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem represents the permanent body. In the wilderness of sense, man worships God in a tent, or a temporary, transitory state of mind, which makes a perishable body. Yet in this flimsy structure are all the furnishings of the great temple that is to be built. So the body of every man is the promise of an imperishable one.

tables of stone--Represent the very foundation of our being, on which are engraved the memories of all our religious experiences.

talents (Matt. 25:14-30)--Symbolize our spiritual

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