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A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Revealing Word
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A Dictionary of metaphysical terms

his idea we let go of all limitation and are conscious only of the Absolute.

growth--Increase by assimilation of new substance; multiplication. We grow by incorporating spiritual substance into our consciousness. The law of growth is in beholding. When we behold the body as anything other than its divine idea, we hold it there (in error, sin, discord). To behold ourselves free from these keeps us manifesting freedom.

growth, spiritual--The increase of God in man. All growth is first in mind and depends on the standards we are holding in mind. A high spiritual standard has lifting power. All growth and unfoldment are based on the law. What we earnestly desire and persistently affirm will be ours if we "faint not" (Gal. 6:9).

guidance, spiritual--The impressions that come from the Spirit of truth within man.hades--A Greek word, often translated hell. It is supposed to refer to the unseen world, or the abode of the dead. In reality, however, the word has reference to the grave or the "pit." Hades refers to the outer darkness, the realm of sense, in contrast to the inner or luminously spiritual.


hallow the name of God--To realize that His name means wholeness and perfection for us.

halo--The artists of old always painted saints with an emanation or circle of light around the head, which custom contained a grain of truth. It is from the I AM center in the crown of the head that we draw all new inspiration, all new ideas. When they contact man's consciousness these new inspirations, new ideas, break forth as a soft golden light (pure wisdom) that surrounds the head. This is

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