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Charles Fillmore's:

Jesus Christ Heals
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changes for good or ill are changes of mind.

Ages of thought upon the reality and solidarity of things have evolved a mental atmosphere that has produced the present material universe. These and millions of other concepts are the work of men and not God, as is popularly supposed. However they all rest on the original God-Mind and can be restored to the perfect law and order of that Mind by those who free themselves from their mental entanglements with materiality and identify their thinking with that of the Mind that is Spirit. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

It is taught in the Bible that Jesus was born into the human family to save its people from extinction; that, according to Paul, as in Adam all died so in Christ shall all be made alive. A psychological study of the whole situation proves this to be virtually true. Millions have accepted Christianity on faith and have found peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction without understanding the fundamental mind principles on which the redemptive system rests. This is proof that there is more to Christianity than the surface acceptation of Jesus as mediator between God and man.

We are all in mind related to a great creative Spirit that infuses its very life into our minds and bodies when we turn our attention to it. We have mentally wandered away from this creative Spirit or Father-Mind and lost contact with its life-giving currents. Jesus made connection for us, and through Him we again begin to draw vitality from the great fountainhead.

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