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Charles Fillmore's:
Mysteries of Genesis
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Chapter VII

The Fruits of Faith

1. Why did Jehovah appear to Lot as two angels instead of three, as He had appeared to Abraham?

2. Lot escaped to the little city of Zoar. What does this mean?

3. Metaphysically how do you account for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

4. Is anything ever really destroyed? What is the change that takes place in it?

5. What states of consciousness are represented by Moab and Ben-ammi?

6. How is faith developed in the spiritually awakening individual?

7. When faith makes union with the unregenerate will what is the result?

8. How is one to avoid plagues during the process of transmutation?

9. Why was the birth of Isaac delayed so long?

10. How is Christ "formed" in the individual?

11. In what way are joy and laughter helpful in soul unfoldment?

12. How is the conviction established of the presence of divine substance within?

13. In what way are Ishmael and Isaac opposed to each other?

14. How are these two phases of mind harmonized?

15. What is the result of disregard of divine law?

16. What is denoted by the banishment of Hagar and her son?

17. Explain the relationship between faith and will as illustrated by Abraham and Abimelech.

18. Abimelech's servants had taken Abraham's well by force. How does this apply metaphysically to soul unfoldment?

19. Must there eventually be agreement in consciousness between the spiritual and the so-called material?

20. What do we really lose and what do we gain when we give up sense pleasures?

21. What in consciousness is represented by the "land of Moriah," and how may it be productive of good?

22. What is the fruit of faith and obedience to divine law?

23. What or who is the real source of prosperity?

24. What state of mind results in a demonstration of prosperity?

25. What characterizes the soul of man on its feminine side?

26. What attitude of mind is productive of a new line of thought?



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