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Mysteries of Genesis
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Chapter II

Manifest Man

Genesis 2

gives two accounts of the creation of man, the first that of the creation by Elohim and the second that of the creation by Jehovah. A right understanding of the processes the mind uses in bringing forth its children (ideas) enables us to perfect harmony between these apparently conflicting accounts. The first act of mind is the formation of the idea, and the second is the expression of that idea. Elohim or God-Mind creates a spiritual man, in whom are conceived to be present all the attributes of his source. Next this spiritual man, Jehovah God, God-Mind indentified as I AM, forms man in spiritual substance, in the "dust of the ground."

The unfolding man is God's man, or the divine idea of man in process of construction. The various ideas are being "clothed upon," that is, made manifest. The manifest man is an idea until the Elohim mind in its I AM or Jehovah form begins its process of expression. Then Jehovah God begins to form or clothe the idea man in substance, which process, described symbolically in these Scriptures, has been going on all down the ages.

The manifest man is the man we see, the man we behold with our senses. Manifest man evolves or makes manifest the ideas that exist eternally in Being. The spiritual man is the man we behold in our ideals.


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