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We offer a full range of educational possibilities

Whether you are being trained to be a Certified Spiritual Practitioner, or you wish to earn a Masters degree, we offer a full range of classes through high quality New Thought teachers.

Some folks wish to go the whole way to earning a Doctorate of Divinity or PhD in New Thought Studies, others wish to earn a Masters Degree in Consciousness. Some people would prefer to focus on the heart, instead of training the mind, thus the Associates Degree in Unconscious Surrender (ADUS) might be a better choice for them.

Would like to be regulated in your practice? Some teachers who are registered into one of the organized factions of New Thought can facilitate students entry into programs that offer various licenses for those Spiritual Practitioners who would like to be part of and beholden to a particular New Thought organization.

In all cases, we work to insure that the New Thought Teachers who are featured in the New Thought Library, "walk their talk."

New Thought instructors we work with have a proven track record of demonstrating compassion, affirming prosperity through non-contractual contribution toward supporting these universal New Thought Resources you love so much. supporting the New Thought Resources that mean so much to you!

We listen to your feedback. We have removed those instructors who did not deliver good instruction, were associated with institutions that do not affirm the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), or are simply degree mills seeking your money in return for the granting of degrees that can only be used in their institutions without them explaining said situation, or did not live up to your expectations of clear, love based leadership. We hear your We only work with New Thought Instructors who are actively supporting New Thought Resources such as New Thought Library. In addition to supporting the New Thought Library and other Spiritual Resources you love, these New Thought Leaders support you with a wide variety of classes.

Great New Thought Leaders around the globe insure your access to quality New Thought Education and training at reasonable prices. Students can receive certificates from a variety of institutions including the NewThought.NET/work Serving New Thought.

We work with New Thought Sharers around the globe insuring that you have access to quality New Thought Classes in a variety of New Thought Paths:
New Thought Taoism, New Thought Buddhism, Science of Mind New Thought, Abrahamic New Thought Forms and New Millennial New Thought.

Instructors come from a variety of New Thought organizations,
Certification and Certification provided by a variety of New Thought institutions, old and new.

In Response to the requests for New Thought Classes that truly support your growth

Education is an important tradition in New Thought

NewThought.NET/work Serving New Thought promotes

New Thought Education

New Thought Classes in ALL New Thought Paths

Wonderful New Thought Ministers, Practitioners and Teachers from a variety of New Thought paths and Spiritual Communities around the Globe work together to provide you with a growing selection of New Thought Classes.

Education is one of traditions in New Thought. This makes sense considering that the second word of the two words which make up the phrase "New Thought" is 'Thought.' We can open the heart, but we cannot force or train the heart. We can and should train the mind because this opens the door to a happy and magnificent life.

Educational Programs

Take classes from Great New Thought Teachers around the world.

Explore the classes offered by using the links below.

Instructors are vetted by the NewThought.NET/work Serving New Thought. They are required to adhere to all applicable Terms of Service and Terms of Use assuring you of an ethical platform to build upon.

These instructorswe work with are registered into a variety of New Thought educational systems, often having additional certification via various New Thought Transdenominations.

There is the possibility of additional accreditation depending on your instructor.

Students coming from other traditions in New Thought may get credit for their previous classes by taking a transitional class accompanied by tests and boards. This is dependent upon the program you are entering. Inquire about specifics from your particular instructor.

New Thought Classes are a spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation.

It is important to understand that all New Thought Educational programs are by their nature theological or spiritual as opposed to strict academia.

New Thought is a spiritual movement that reaches back to the 18th Century. In addition to this, New Thought is not a closed faith based spiritual system. This means that there are a variety of approaches to spiritual development within New Thought.

New Thought has a variety of forms. While all New Thought forms are inclusive, some lean on Abrahamic Thought, others on Vedic Thought, some have a Buddhist core, others lean upon Ancient Nordo-Celtic Wisdom and some have a strong indigenous foundation.

Students in our programs are encouraged to explore the existing cannon of New Thought works and create projects which elucidate these various streams of New Thought while exploring important relevant contemporary developments such as:

  • Recognition that the Divine is Feminine and Masculine, both and neither.
  • Recognition of the Partnership Paradigm explored in the work of Riane Eisler.
  • Recognition that healthy sexuality between consenting adults is an important aspect of a healthy and happy life.
  • Recognition of the Partnership Paradigm explored in the work of Riane Eisler.
  • Recognition of the work of Thomas Picketty which reveals a path to shared prosperity and opportunity through Democracy and Civil Society.
  • Recognition that novel paths within the New Thought movement which enfold those principles which form the foundation of New Thought, including recognition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) are the key to meeting the evolving needs of Humanity
  • Recognition that superstitions of all kinds obscure the path to recognition of the Divine within, thus true spiritual paths recognize the insights of science and the truth that while Ancient Wisdom can provide a foundation for fuller expression of Spirituality, no Ancient Spiritual path regardless of the Thought Stream from which it is derived provides the ultimate indisputable answers which will insure the growth of the individual, community, society or species such that the Divine Mandate of Humanity exploring the Solar System, galaxy and Universe.
  • Recognition that Co-Creation is a core concept within New Thought which liberates humanity from the deterministic beliefs that constrain some from taking responsibility for themselves, or their part within the destiny of humanity through acting out infantile desires while pinning the responsibility for their actions upon the "will of God."
  • Recognition that while each person's reactions to their experiences form their emotional consciousness, and each person's thoughts and actions are formative of their experience, life is not artificial reality, living beings are real and together we are responsible for creating paradise here and now through honest recognition of circumstances as they are, working together to maintain the biodiversity of our beautiful world, creating the circumstances that provide a firm foundation for fulfilling lives for all souls.

Various New Thought forms and beliefs are explored at www.NewThought.info

There are classes in various New Thought forms available through the library.

Group Classes require a minimum of 8 sign-ups to begin. However many classes may be taken individually, online

Classes are listed below, or on focus pages pertaining to that New Thought Form

New Thought Instructors are assigned accordingly once the minimum has been met.

Explore New Thought at your own pace!

Classes by Rev. Dr. Avalon are FULL through May, 2017 Students previously enrolled should check email for new login instructions. Enrollment for new students may reopen in June. Details will be listed when available. Prep for new enrollment includes downloading "NMI (new module instructions)" from the old Moodle app (The one with the Christchurch, NZ address.)

Religious Science Classes

"certificated" classes:


Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:



Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Choose one (1) among the following two (2) courses:


Part A -  Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Part B – Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:

VII. ELECTIVES – Choose 1 course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Courses

Elective Courses

Bible Electives

World Religious Science accredited classes:

Level One - Awakening from the Dream

Foundations is a pre-requisite for all other classes

Abrahamic (Bible Based etc...) New Thought Classes


Available classes:


DivineUnity accredited classes:


Available classes:

  • Keys To Heaven
    Keys to Heaven is comprehensive course that certifies the participant for advanced studies.
  • New Thought Taoism
    The Divine Tao website has inspired New Thought Writers to write about the Tao and countless New Thought students around the globe to find deeper meaning, inner peace, balance and harmony. Discover the power of manifesting with less energy and better results. Learn why this small text comprised of 81 poems has become one of the most important spiritual texts of all time.
  • Lotus Sutra New Thought
    The Lotus Sutra is the essential New Thought Buddhist teaching. Inspiring millions to success and happiness, the Buddha declared the Lotus Sutra to be his highest teaching.
    We have all heard the ignorant declare "The Buddha taught life is suffering."
  • In this course we will dispell such ignorance through exploration of The Four Noble Truths which comprise the essence of Buddha's teachings. We will examine the first Noble truth which is in fact that "Life is challenging, but there is a difference between pain and suffering, and suffering can be avoided through understanding the second noble truth which is there is a source or cause of suffering which is unexamined desire, then understanding the Third Noble truth which is we can overcome all challenges and avoid any suffering, through mastery of The Way, which is the path that overcomes all challenges and eliminates all suffering.
  • When you are done with this course, you will know that Buddha taught that life should be a celebration of joyful creation and transformation.
  • In his final teaching, the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha teaches that life is real and that people can overcome challenges through the powers of wisdom and compassoinate action. The Lotus Sutra provides multiple metaphysical roadmaps to joyful living, success in all endeavors and how to create a better life for oneself and all the lives we touch.
  • Abrahamics 1 - Old Testament
    Middle Eastern Abrahamic Religion has dominated the thought of millions of people around the world for thousands of years. it all began when a group of people left Egypt sometime after the death of Akhenaten. Escaping bondage to a pantheon of Gods, they traveled through the Reed Sea. After a period of "Exodus" they eventually arrived at Jericho, slaughtered the inhabitants and began their history. Within New Thought the stories of the Old Testament are interpreted as metaphysical fables written by divinely inspired ancient mystics.
  • Abrahamics 2 - The Gnostics
    An exploration of the Gnostic teachings, including the Gospel of Mary reveals that the traditional Orthodox condemnation of the Gnostics was rooted in the politics of religious competition. We examine the errors inherent in some earlier writers examination of the Gnostic teachings and the deeper truths taught by the Gnostics who were acquainted with both near eastern and far eastern traditions. We also explore the pre-Gnostic Essenes and how they influenced table manners and eating habits of those who wish to live healthier lives.
  • Abrahamics 3 - Creation of Orthodoxy Judaism has sprouted a new branch. It's adherents call their novel form of Judaism "The Way." They are saying that they know better than the priests at the Temple in Jerusalem. This is becoming a problem. The Temple enforcer, a Roman Citizen named Saul is doing his job killing off the adherents they have labeled "Christians" (a denigrating insult to their spiritual path). Saul realizes he is being strung along by the Temple Leadership. They have no intention of making him a priest. He undergoes a dramatic conversion to the new Christianist path. Realizing that he was not an original disciple, he sets out to destroy the lineage system. He then applies Greco-Roman values to Christianity (Christianism). Constantine realizes that with a bit of adaptation through fusing Mithraism and Christianism, and the support of the wealthy Alexander Family in Egypt, he can re-energize the empire. Constantine's new Christianism serves the state and supports the empire. The Gospels are purged of all texts that do not support his vision and the Old Testament is added as it serves to support traditional Greco-Roman patriarchal values.
  • Abrahamics 4 - Battle of the Bureaucrats
    Constantinople vs Rome, attempts to crush European Science and Culture. In 476, the vendetta, subterfuge and decadence lead to the failure and fall of the Western Roman empire. Rome is a backwater. Constantinople continues its position as the center of the new Abrahamic faith and technology. Europe begins a cultural transformation as the Abrahamics use coercion, violence, rape and murder of educated people, in particular wise women, to displace indigenous Nordo-Celtic spirituality. A steady imposition of dominator values inherent in both Greco-Roman and Middle Eastern cultures slowly displace the more advanced egalitarian cultural values. Women's rights were eliminated. Ignorance and superstition replace Celtic Science and Justice. Druidic teachings of professional qualification and the Bardic School are forced underground.

Because we believe in Prosperity Consciousness and therefore follow a non-profit spiritual pattern as opposed to a corporate pattern, we reach a wider audience than any other New Thought organisation.

Therefore an increasing number of New Thought Teachers are approaching us with classes that they want to teach.

From basic classes to advanced classes leading to qualification as a New Thought Practitioner, Teacher, or Minister.

Teachers submit their class descriptions, syllabus and materials so that we can check the classes out for you.

We do our best to review the material and ensuring that the class material is good, but the class is only as good as the student learning and the instructor teaching.

Disruptive behavior in any class is not tolerated.

We only promote classes with the Universal New Thought seal of approval, meaning that they can be transferred between participating ministers and do not require you to physically travel to any location except voluntarily to complete your studies.

We do our best to insure that classes are part of a curriculum that will lead to a definite certificate / qualification as long as you complete the requirements of the syllabus.

For those desiring ordination we cannot guarantee ordination in any modality of New Thought or by any person or program. Ordination is a spiritual sacrament, thus you must complete whatever requirements are individually required by those you are training with.

Teachers are provided with a wide range of dynamic teaching tools which are already on our servers.


Universal New Thought Class available

There is a course for every New Thought Principle.


Teachers around the world are joining us to insure that you can expand your consciousness.

We work to insure that you have the finest tutelage which is not simply rooted in the desire to make a profit but to genuinely teach you New Thought principles and empower you.

Participating teachers work on tithing and donation basis. students pledge between one dollar and five dollars per day for one year per class. These tithes go directly to the spiritual teacher.

Teachers tithe 10% to support these New Thought resources .

This program was created in response to seekers suggestions. So many seekers have wondered why the majority of online classes are expensive and don't always lead to qualification.

When seekers go to the majority of spiritual centers they are able to get tutelage on a tithing and donation basis. Now seekers are able to do the same when learning New Thought.

We are constantly improving access to New Thought books and teachings world wide. We do our work on a tithing and donation basis believing that together we are building a more compassionate world right now!

Serving New Thought serves ALL of New Thought. There are many wonderful New Thought organizations around the globe. In the 20th Century most organizations were headquartered in the United States. Increasingly there are new organizations forming in other countries which are bringing the underlying principles of New Thought to their constituents.

There is no Pope, nor governing council in New Thought. This in fact would be contrary to the underlying principles of New Thought principles and teachings. There are siimply wonderful groups doing wonderful things and putting forth New Thoughts and new ideas to support positive global transformation.

We accept you

Over the years since this ministry began, we have listened to wonderful souls around the globe added more resources or upgraded existing ones.

We began with a simple News Resource and then in response to your need for other support, we have added more support to ensure you can learn, grow and support others.



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New Thought Day was declared by James Edgerton on August 23rd, 1915
During research while expanding the free New Thought Library, one of the ministers came across an interesting quote from early New Thought Alliance President James A. Edgerton: "'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ New Thought Day, August 23rd , 1915."

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New Thought Day
August 23rd

100 years old
1st declared by James Edgerton in 1915

"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

New Thought Holidays August 23rd

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The New Thought Tao

Explore the New Thought Tao and discover deeper wisdom. New Thought has many forms, Taoist New Thought brings insights to the table that are not so apparent in Abrahamic forms. While many Abrahamics fight to impose their views on the rest of the world. Taoist New Thought teaches the way of acceptance and understanding. Principles in the New Thought Tao provide powerful processes which serve as keys to deeper happiness and inner peace from the inside out.

Read Divine Tao #8 "Water" Tao #8

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New Thought conferences from various New Thought denominations and organizations are happening all ove rthe world. Whether Old New Thought or New Thought Today, find conference info about New Thought Conferences!.

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New Thought Solutions for New Thought Sharers and New Thought Communities. Empowerment programs that awaken us to the co-creative "Power of We." Grow and thrive sharing a rainbow of New Thought wisdom with the world.

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