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Take classes from Great New Thought Teachers around the world.

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The instructors listed have been vetted by the Serving New Thought.

These instructors are registered into a variety of New Thought educational systems. They have additional certification from various New Thought Denominations.

There is the possibility of additional accreditation depending on your instructors participation in the Universal New Thought program.

Students coming from other traditions in New Thought may get credit for their previous classes by taking a transitional class accompanied by tests and boards. This is dependent upon the program you are entering. Inquire about specifics from your particular instructor.

New Thought Classes are a spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation.

It is important to understand that all New Thought Educational programs are by their nature theological or spiritual as opposed to strict academia.

There are classes in various Abrahamic forms of New Thought, as well as Science of Mind and DivineUnity.

Most if not all classes require a minimum of 8 sign-ups to begin.

Science of Mind New Thought Instructors:

Rev. Joanne ~ 518-423-3569

Rev. Dr. Steve ~ 559-661-1948


Abrahamic New Thought Instructors:

Rev. Peggy ~ 702-804-8189


Classes Available from Rev. Joanne:

Rev. Joanne ~ 518-423-3569

CSL "certificated" classes:


Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:



Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Choose one (1) among the following two (2) courses:


Part A -  Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Part B – Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:

VII. ELECTIVES – Choose 1 course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Courses

Elective Courses

Bible Electives


Science of Mind Classes

Available from Rev. Dr. Steve:

Rev. Dr. Steve ~ 559-661-1948

World Religious Science accredited classes:

Level One - Awakening from the Dream

Foundations is a pre-requisite for all other classes

Level Two:
Developing Consciousness and Awareness through Spiritual Practice
Continued Healing / Empowerment

Further Explorations

Voice of Troward Series

The Holmes Brothers

More Amazing Classic
New Thought Leaders



Classes Available from Rev. Peggy:

UFBL accredited classes:

Abrahamic New Thought Instructors:
UFBL minister ~ Rev. Peggy ~ 702-804-8189


Available classes:



Because we believe in Prosperity Consciousness and therefore follow a non-profit spiritual pattern as opposed to a capitalist pattern, we reach a wider audience than any other New Thought organisation.

Therefore an increasing number of New Thought Teachers are approaching us with classes that they want to teach you.

From basic classes to advanced classes leading to qualification as a New Thought Practitioner, Teacher, or Minister.

We check the classes out for you, ensuring that they are indeed good and you are able to report back about the classes to us to ensure that they stay good.

We only promote classes with the Universal New Thought seal of approval, meaning that they can be tranferred between participating ministers and do not require you to physically travel to any location except voluntarily and are part of a curriculum that will lead to a definite qualification as long as you complete the requirements online.

Teachers are provided with a wide range of dynamic teaching tools which are already on our servers.

Teachers and institutions wishing to participate may submit class & course outlines working with us to insure that they fit within our overall Universal program so they can easily transfer.


Universal New Thought Class available

Whenever you see this graphic, it means there is a class offered in this subject or that uses this book.


Teachers around the world are joining us to insure that you can expand your consciousness.

We work to insure that you have the finest tutelage which is not simply rooted in the desire to make a profit but to genuinely teach you New Thought principles and empower you.

Participating teachers work on tithing and donation basis. students pledge between one dollar and five dollars per day for one year per class. These tithes go directly to the spiritual teacher.

Teachers tithe 10% to support New Thought resources.

This program was created in response to seekers suggestions. So many seekers have wondered why the majority of online classes are expensive and don't always lead to qualification.

When seekers go to the majority of spiritual centers they are able to get tutelage on a tithing and donation basis. Now seekers are able to do the same when learning New Thought.

We are constantly improving access to New Thought books and teachings world wide. We do our work on a tithing and donation basis believing that together we are building a more compassionate world right now!


Join the Team!

Serving New Thought Brings New Thought to our Fingertips

Our "Be The Change" Volunteer program is fun and a valuable experience. You will learn web technologies through hands on experience helping make more texts available to the world.

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Volunteers can earn certification and qualification in New Thought Library Science.


is an important part of our lives. Celebration supports our spiritual journey through the sharing & releasing of energy. Join people around the globe to celebrate New Thought Day on August 23th


Spiritual & Emotional Healing

For as long as we have been on this wonderful earth, Humans have had thoughts and feelings. New thought will teach you how to embrace your powerful self and move into a new healing and strength.


Personal Empowerment

New Thought has been around for quite some time. The standard history goes back to Phineas Quimby, but the Spiral Dynamics New Thought History traces the ideas of New Thought back to Anne Hutchinson who in 1638 taught that: we are not converted to Christ but awaken to the truth of our present Unity with God; all people are reflections of the Divine and "being a woman is a gift not a curse".

You can take wonderful New Thought classes from a variety of New Thought teachers from around the globe, both independent and from different New Thought denominations. There are at least ten!


We Serve

Public Domain works (currently those published before 1944) and New Works by Contemporary New Thought Authors that have registered into our promotional program and given us permission to publish their works.


We nurture the resources that nurture us

We provide New Thought books for Free!
In fact, everything we do is on a tithing/donation basis!

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Help us to continue our work of expanding and improving the Library.

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"The truth, once announced,
has the power not only to renew but to extend itself.
New Thought is universal in its ideals
and therefore should be universal in its appeal
Under the guidance of the spirit,
it should grow in good works
until it embraces many lands
and eventually the whole world."

--Mr. James A. Edgerton on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

More Great New Thought Resources:

Spiritual Exploration

Today, with free countries experiencing actual intellectual and religious freedom. People are free to explore more than ever before. Although religious fundamentalists in the 2nd and 3rd world's seek to restrict this basic divine / human right. You can explore. Use your mind and you will find deep positive means to express yourself spiritually in caring communities.