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Serving New Thought is pleased to present H . Emilie Cady's
Lessons In Truth
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Study Guide for students of Lessons in Truth

Lesson One:
Bondage or Liberty, Which?

BIBLE--Deut. 3:22; Ps.37:9; 125:1, 2; Jer. 39:18; Jn. 8:32

Questions on Bondage or Liberty, Which?

1. All suffering is the result of our belief that we are in ______ to things of the flesh. (see paragraph 1)

2. The Lord's statement "to me every knee shall bow" means that human consciousness must ___________ through various stages to the knowledge of oneness with God. (see paragraph 7)

3. God regards you not as His _________ but as His ________. (see paragraph 11)

4. The secret of power in living is _____________.
(see paragraph 23)

5. Jesus daily went apart from the world so that He might return to it with renewed _______________. (see paragraph 29)

6. Prayer is when ____________. Inspiration is when___________. (see paragraph 30)

7. To forgive is to give some________________in return for evil given. (see paragraph 32)

8. Failure to demonstrate may be caused by our harboring a spirit of_______. (see paragraph 33)

- 137 -
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