A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Lessons In Truth
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all wrong! I alone see the whole world; I see trees and fields and houses and rivers and animals."

4. The fact is, each one looking at the same world sees according to the size of the aperture through which he is looking, and he limits the world to just his own circumscribed view of it. You would say at once that such limitation was only a mark of each man's ignorance and narrowness. Everyone would pity the man who thus displayed--aye, fairly vaunted--his ignorance.

5. From time immemorial there have been schisms and divisions among religious sects and denominations. And now with the newer light that we have, even the light of the knowledge of one God immanent in all men, many still cling to external differences, so postponing, instead of hastening, the day of the millennium; at least they postpone it for themselves.

6. I want, if possible, to help break down the seeming "middle wall of partition" (Eph. 2:14), even as Christ, the living Christ, does in reality break down or destroy all misunderstanding. I want to help you to see that there is no real wall of difference between all the various sects of the new theology, except such as appear to you because of your circumscribed view. I want you to see, if you do not already, that everytime you try to limit God's manifestation of Himself in any person or through any person, in order to make that manifestation conform to what you see as Truth, you are only crying loudly: "Ho! everyone, come and view my narrowness and my ignorance!"

7. I want to stimulate you to lose sight of all

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