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Contemporary New Thought Writers present their Books!

Some Writers Really Care!
We are happy to present writers such as Linda Hargesheimer who sincerely care more about the message than about making a buck! We believe these writers are destined for greatness and for wealth because they realize that the most important thing is the enlightenment of all beings.

Since our inception, we have been asked by numerous Contemporary Writers to host their work in the library along with the early Greats and public domain works that we already host. We only accept New Thought writers and only then after we review their work. Below are the contemporary writers we have accepted into the library for your reading pleasure and enlightenment. - a comprehensive directory of love based spiritual communities around the world

Fellowship of Spirit at - an actual and digital spiritual community celebrating life and the divine within! - Serving New Thought brings  New Thought to our Fingertips
There is a class offered on the subject of this book - New Thought information and links to New Thought around the world. - Explore Abrahamic Teachings easily and simply through links to traditional gateways, forbidden texts and gnostic scrolls

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