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Joseph Benner

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Joseph S Benner was a marvellous writer on spiritual matters around the early part of the 20th Century.

The Way to the Kingdom has had a major impact in helping millions of confused fundamentalists to open their hearts to the truth of Christ and let go of delusions. He wrote his books anonymously, but since his death his name has become known. There may be a special Trust in his name set up to distribute his books.

His work was beloved by Elvis Presley

His New Thought Books include:
Impersonal Life
The Teacher
The Way Out
The Way Beyond
Way to the Kingdom

"For you who are truly seeking the Kingdom, the time has come to hear certain truths, to see if your Higher Self deems you ready to receive and accept these truths and to make them a part of your soul consciousness. If so they will bring to you an illumination of understanding that will quicken your soul, free your mind from what has been holding you back perhaps for many lifetimes, and will consequently now permit you speedily to proceed on your journey."

"Help us to open wide our hearts and let out Thy Great Love that It may posses us utterly, rule, motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act, merging us completely with Love, thereby enabling us to love as Thou Lovest, to see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest; lifting the consciousness of our human minds into complete oneness with our Christ Consciousness - Thy Consciousness; so that henceforth we may consciously, at will, be with Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee, face to face, at all times and on all planes, when the need is in the Father’s Service; and we may know with Thy Understanding all things we seek and need to know."

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