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Genevieve Behrend's

Attaining Your Desires
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Chapter 5
Making Your Subjective Mind Work
for You

"The most potent force in the universe is the influence of the subconscious mind.
The proper training of the correlation between the subliminal and the objective faculties is the 'open sesame' that unlocks the richest of storehouses, the fruit of remembering.
And with remembering there follows natural reflections, vision, knowledge, culture,
and all that tends to make of man a god, though in the germ."
-Dr. Edwin F Bowers

Pupil: The subject of the subjective mind greatly interests me. I am sure that had I understood what you have said concerning it, I would have realized that all that was necessary to obtain my desires was to think out exactly what I wanted, consciously place it in my subjective mind, and it would at once begin to attract ways and means for its corresponding physical or material fulfillment.

Sage: indeed the study of the subjective mind is an all- absorbing subject. I may be able to enlighten and help you to make working realities out of what now seems to be vague and even mysterious. But it will rest entirely with you to put vitality into these suggestions, and that can only be accomplished through using them.

Pupil: You mean that by making practical use of your suggestions, I will be able to attain practical results which will help not only myself but others also?

Sage: That is the idea. It has always seemed to me that the average person prefers the satisfaction of giving to another what he reclaims, rather than helping or teaching him how to attract the desired things to himself, which would give him in addition a feeling of assurance and liberty. You would unquestionably enjoy giving to others, and the recipient would likewise enjoy receiving, but, as a rule, it tends to pauperize the spirit of independence.

Pupil: If I were to put into my subconscious mind a definite idea that all people have the same power in their subconscious minds to attract to themselves the things they desire through their own efforts, would that thought register in their subconscious minds>

Sage: That would be the intelligent way of impersonally helping others to connect with their limitless supply.

Pupil: You have told me before that there was a definite way of impressing the subconscious mind with a particular thought. Would you mind explaining this again?


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